Friday, November 15, 2013

Google Easter Eggs

Easter EggsI'm not a huge Google fan (ironic, I know, since I'm writing this on a Blog), but I do like some of the things they do for fun.  I was scrolling on my Facebook history and saw this item that I posted:

1. Go into Google.
2. Type in "Where is Chuck Norris?"
3.  Go to the first result.

Go ahead and give that a try.  I'll wait.  Trust me, it's worth it.

I was thinking about some of the other clever things I've seen on Google and did a search for their Easter Eggs.  I found a big list, so I thought I'd share this link with you.

I've got to say that my favourite from this list was the Harlem Shake on YouTube (I never thought I would be referencing the Harlem Shake in a techie blog, but there you go!).  Actually, all of the YouTube ones were good.

I like the Google Doodles too.  Sometimes they are really creative and fun.  Not that I always care that it would have been so and so's 436th birthday, but it can still be interesting.  I guess what I enjoy is seeing the ideas that someone has taken and run with.  You don't really know what to expect, and sometimes they are just amazing.  It's weird that you can get people talking about a search engine page.

So, have a favourite Easter Egg?  Let me know.  Also, feel free to share some more.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel Easter Egg Gooey!
This is probably my favourite type of Easter Egg!
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