Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nerd: Unplugged

It seems to be more and more difficult to unplug. Don't have internet? No worries, just use your phone. Take your gadgets everywhere. We go trailer camping as a family to a place in the middle of no where. When I was growing up, you could get one television station in the bay. You could pick up one AM radio station and one FM station during the day, but at night with a short wave, you could pick up stations from across the world. It was fun to play with the dial and see what we could find. When I first got a cell phone, it didn't work in the bay. If we drove out to the main road, we could get cellular which was handy if we needed to make an emergency call. Prior to that, you would have to find a neighbour with a landline, or drive to the payphone. Now you can get cellular right at our site. I'm not thrilled about this. I go camping to relax and spend time with my family. It used to be the one place where you could truly unplug (especially before we had electricity). Now, it's just like anywhere else. My Nerd actually brought a laptop, tablet, and his Windows phone camping with us. He was able to do work for a client from there. We were only gone for 4 days, but he wasn't able to unplug (even though he had his out of office e-mail set, people kept calling or emailing him). Personally, I didn't find it as relaxing with all the gadgets.

Camping with a NerdMy Nerd's Gadgets on the picnic table
Now, I'm not completely blameless. I brought my iPhone too and made some Twitter comments and checked my Facebook. But I played solitaire with real cards for a change. And my daughter challenged me to a game of cribbage. We all had fun playing UNO one night.

I think that sometimes you just need to unplug everything. Let it go for awhile and enjoy the quiet--remember what that is?  So what if you don't reply to an e-mail right away? If a phone call is important, they'll leave a message. Relax, and just be.

By the way, the Nerd was the one who said I needed to make a post about camping with him.  We did find one place where cellular was not available--truly in the middle of nowhere on the edge of Georgian Bay.  And it was blissful :)
Cabot HeadOne of the few places where no cell signal was available--bliss!

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