Monday, December 17, 2012

A Nerdy Thing Happened at the Mall Last Week

Friday night, we took the kids to the local mall for some shopping.  Both girls wanted to buy a gift for the other, so it was supposed to be a short trip.  As we were walking down the main hallway of the mall, what did we spot but a Windows Phone booth.  You think I'm kidding, right?  How is it possible that they have a booth demonstrating the Windows Phone in the mall and my Nerd is the biggest Windows Phone Nerd of them all?  I'm not sure, but it really happened!

The girls both rolled their eyes when they saw Daddy make a bee-line right for the first guy he saw in a Windows Phone shirt.  He whipped out his phone and they started talking.  The guy must have felt sorry for me because he pointed me over to the counter where a couple of ladies were ready to give me a polish.  Normally, I shy away from that kind of thing, but hey, it was a chance to sit down while he was talking and get my nails polished for free, so I took it!

Normally while you get your nails polished, they tell you all about the phone.  I'd explained that my husband was the one chatting with the demonstrated, so we talked about other things while she did my nails.  My little one also had her nails done too.  Best part?  We got to keep the bottles of polish.  They were tiny, but that's OK!  The polish came in a variety of colours, all made exclusively for Windows Phone to match the colours of the tiles on the phone.  So, my nails are a greenish/aqua colour and the little one's are a rosy pink.

Windows Phone Nail Polish
Here are our bottles of polish.  Pretty!
When we finished with our polishes, he was still talking and basically teaching the demonstrators some tips and tricks.  We left him there and went on our way to Tim Horton's for the a treat.  He eventually caught up to us and we continued with the reason we went to the mall.

He told me he walked past their later when he was helping our oldest daughter pick out a gift for our youngest, and the guys wanted him to talk some more.  I'm pleased to say that he showed restraint and did not get pulled back in.  He would have had a very upset little girl on his hands if he had!

What do you think of this kind of campaign for Windows Phone?  Do you think it makes a difference in getting their product out there?   I feel a little like they are saying that women will like the phone because it's pretty, kind of like we won't get how to use it like a guy will.  The fact that I can match my live tiles to my nail polish colour really is not a selling point for me.  I appreciated having my nails done, but I will buy a phone based on how it works for me.

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