Friday, November 2, 2012

You Know You're Married to a Nerd When...You Agree to go to a Windows 8 Launch Party

Yes, I really agreed to go to a Windows 8 launch party.  For some reason, I thought it would be a fun night out with grown up conversation.  When you work at home, you tend to jump at any opportunity to be outside of the house, especially if you can spend time with grown ups.

It was also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my Nerd.  We spent a lot of time talking on the way there (long drive).  We had some fun trying to score a parking spot at the venue and when we got there, I was relieved to see another Nerd couple that we have met before, so I knew there was someone I could talk to.

The event was in the back room of a kind of sports bar, you know, one of those places that you enter and the smell takes you back to your college days.  That's what it was like.  It wasn't a dive by any means, there were families eating dinner there too.

Anyway, the event was fairly low key.  There were munchies and cupcakes available to snack on before the presentations.  The first presentation was just my speed.  A little techie, but not too over the top.  The invitation said that you didn't have to be technically inclined, so it seemed OK at first.  It was about Windows 8 Consumer edition.  I could appreciate what they were discussing because we've been using Windows 8 for sometime.  It was interesting to see more of the background of Windows 8 and how it could work for me.
This may have been my favourite part of the night.  Yes, the label was edible.

I'm sorry to say that the second and third presentations were very much over my head.  There was too much technical information and I was completely bored.  I was glad to have the chance to catch up with the other Nerd wife while they continued.  Don't worry, we were tucked into a corner and whispered quietly.  Not something I would normally do at an event, but I was completely out of my depths with the conversation.  It was like the speaker suddenly started talking in another language.

What I can tell you is that Microsoft is very excited about Windows 8 and the new Surface computer.  I saw one and it looked pretty cool.  I didn't have the interest to stand in line to get up close and touch it.  After the talks, I lost my Nerd for a bit because he was networking, chatting with people about how great his Windows Phone is.  So, I rounded him up and we went home.

I'm not saying I hated the event, but I won't be going to another party like this with him.  I discovered that when they say you don't need to be techie, they are wrong.  It's just not for me.  And now my Nerd owes me a date to something that I want to do.  I'm thinking it's been a long time since I've been to the ballet!

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