Sunday, November 25, 2012

Streaming Music on iPhones

I love my music !It's been awhile since I've talked about any apps, so I thought we'd talk about some music streaming apps.  My job allows me to work from home, and when I don't have to talk on the phone, I can listen to music (this is true in the office as well, but I need earphones to do it there--and not allowed to use my phone!). Sometimes I get tired of my playlist, and that's where streaming music comes in.

I've been using Jango for some time. I was using online before I even had my iPhone. I like Jango because you can create stations based on music you like. You add a few artists you like and it will find others like them. With your personal stations, you can give songs a thumb up for more play, or a thumb down to remove a song from your rotation. You can also choose one of Jango's many stations broken down by categories, decades, styles, you name it. You have the opportunity to listen to new artists with similar styles and vote on whether you want to hear more from them or not.

 This week, I was scrolling through the app store and found a new (to me) app called Songza. It sounded really cool, so I downloaded it and found out it is really cool! You start at the concierge with the day and time listed and you have 6 musical choices. Tonight I have "Bedtime", "Brand New Music", "Looking at Pictures of your Ex", "Love and Romance", "The Holidays", and "Unwinding". I went with Unwinding. You then have 6 more choices to help to choose the mood of the music you'll be listening to, then you can choose between 3 stations. If you scroll down, you can find similar soundtracks too. Tonight, I chose 80s Memories, and 80s Slow Dance. It's a great mix of 80s love songs and it's really mellow. Yes, I love 80s music, and I know that makes me a completely different kind of nerd than the one I married.

80s Radio cassette playerWhat I like about Songza is that you have a lot of choice. Every day or time of day has different choices listed to let you choose new stations. Stations that you've listened to before are stored, so if you want to listen to them again, no problem! I use the free versions of both of these apps. Jango has ads sometimes, but I usually only hear them when I skip a song. I could connect with my Facebook account to get rid of the ads, but they don't bother me enough to make me take that step.

Something important to know about streaming music: it uses a lot of data! You're streaming music over the internet, so unless you have unlimited data, you'll only want to use it where you have access to wi-fi. This is why I only stream music when I'm at home. If I used it anywhere else, my phone bill would be through the roof! And let's face it, we pay way too much for data packages in Canada as it is, I'm not giving my carrier any more money than I have to!

So, let me know, which apps do you like for streaming music? I'm always up to try a new one!

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