Friday, June 1, 2012

Earning Online with Swagbucks

Awhile ago, I talked about earning online from what you're already doing and I mentioned Swagbucks. More of my friends have been asking me about some of the ways I earn online. Since I'm going to explain to them how the programs I use work and what works for me, I thought I'd make a post out of it and share.

I signed up for Swagbucks through a friend. It was someone I "knew" online only, and I trusted her opinion. When you sign up through a referral link, the person who referred you earns matching Swagbucks for what you earn through searching up to the first 1000 SB. So if you refer someone, they can contribute to your earnings over time.

How Swagbucks Works: You earn Swagbucks currency for doing different things like searching, playing games, entering codes. You can cash in your Swagbucks for gift cards, Paypal, merchandise, and even make donations of your Swagbucks to charities. There is a different charity every month.

It's fairly easy to rack up enough SB to cash in. I've been averaging 1 $5.00 gift certificate every 2-3 weeks (the $5 gift card is 450 SB and a better value than the $25). In total to date, I've redeemed $30 in Paypal, $60 in and a Carlos Delgado trading card. Not bad. I don't put in a lot of effort and I've gotten a lot out of it.

How I earn Swagbucks: There are a couple of easy ways to earn some SB every day. First, do the daily poll, 1 SB. Then go for NOSO (no obligation special offer). All you have to do is click through the offers and then enter the captcha you are shown. Easy peasy. That's 3 SB and we haven't done anything much.

I try to spread my searching out through the day. I enter a search term I'm interested in and scroll through the results. The sneaky thing is that you won't always find the SB on the first page. Sometimes you have to dig deeper and really go through the results. I find I earn on searches 3-4 times a day.

Swagbucks TV is another easy one. Watch 10 short videos and earn 3 SB. I keep my computer muted and play the videos while I do other things.

Swagbucks Games are fairly easy and can be fun. I usually earn SB on the second game I play, but sometimes it takes more. Usually earn 2 SB at a time.

If you have the opportunity to do a Think Action Survey on your homepage, it's a great way to get 60 SB. I have to be honest and mention that there have been a couple of times when I was not awarded the SB for the surveys. I contacted support and was told that they could not be issued retroactively. I've tried it again since then and got my SB twice, but not the last time. It's a great amount of SB if you get them, but I won't be wasting my time on them any more on the chance I "might" get my SB.

Trusted Surveys requires a bit more work. You'll need to complete your profiles and then you may or may not get survey invites. If you attempt a survey but don't qualify, you'll earn 1 SB to a max of 5/day.

You can also complete offers, take surveys and earn through Bonus Codes or doing tasks. I wasn't a big earner until they had a bonus offer during March Madness. Every day there was an earning goal. If you hit the target, you would earn bonus SB at the end of the promotion. They have been running similar offers quite regularly since then.

I also follow SB on Facebook and Twitter. They'll let you know when there is a bonus code that you can use to earn more SB (Bonus codes go in the "gimme box" and are case sensitive). Sometimes you'll find bonuses in the blog too. Bonus codes don't last long, so you have to be quick!

You can also earn SB for referring new users. In fact, if you sign up through the links provided here, you'll be my referral which means that I'll earn matching SB on your searches up to a total of 1000 SB. (Consider this my disclosure).

I've been redeeming mostly for certificates and here's my trick. When I make a purchase on, I click to the site through so that I can earn miles on my purchases as well. If there's a bonus miles offer on, even better. Amazon is not just books either. I've purchased kitchen items and decor for my bathroom too. I've got a wish list that I use to keep track of things I'm interested in.

So friends, that's Swagbucks in a nutshell.

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