Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nerd Fun: Spam

Technically, spam is not funny.  Unless of course, you're a Monty Python fan, then you know just how funny spam can be.

I'll admit that I find spam slightly humourous.  I have gotten in the habit of checking my spam folders frequently because I've had important e-mails get redirected to my spam folder without warning.  Have you ever read the subject lines of the mail in your spam folder?  If you want to giggle, you should.  No, I'm not talking about penis enlargements or ads for Viagra and the like.  I'm talking about subjects like FedEx delivery notices, "Dear Beneficiary", contact your bank, etc.  I don't know why, but they crack me up.

It seems that the people who write this spam are going out of their way to make their stories as unbelievable as they can.  The sad thing is that they must be having some success at getting people to fall for their scams because they keep coming.  If they weren't making any profit from spam, they wouldn't go to the trouble of making it.

Don't get me wrong, some spam actually looks legitimate.  And that's where the problem comes in.  If it looks legitimate, some people may not look as carefully at it and open it or click on a bad link.  My Nerd had a client who had to call him back in to help him clean his computer only 2 weeks after he cleaned off the last viruses.

I recently had a spam e-mail show up in my in-box with my first and last name in the subject line.  Scary thing was that this e-mail account is the one I set up for "junk" mail and does not use my full name.  Apparently I'm not as careful as I thought I was when I surf on-line.  I'm sure I filled out something or signed up for something that wasn't quite right.

Sometimes spam looks legitimate, so it's hard to tell.  When in doubt, I'll visit the site directly by typing the address in the address bar.  I don't click on links in my e-mail unless I trust the source.

So, gotten any interesting spam lately?

SPAM Shrine

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