Sunday, August 21, 2011

Earning Online, Lesson 1 Earn From Things You Are Already Doing

OK, so here's my first lesson in earning online. Let me preface by saying that I'm not an expert. I am not going to promise you that you'll earn thousands of dollars and be debt free by next year. I'm just going to give you a few tips that work for me.

Antique Coke Machine

Lesson 1 is to make the most of what you already do. Here's what I mean. I drink Coke. More than I probably should, but that is besides the point. There's a little Web site called that I use to collect Coke PINs from my bottles. I enter in my PINs online and save them up for stuff. The most recent redemptions I have made have been for three $5 gift cards for McDonalds. I've redeemed some points for music from iTunes too. The best part is that it doesn't cost me anything. I'm already buying the Coke anyway. It takes a couple of seconds to enter some PINs and I choose what I want to redeem.

Something that I do a lot as a writer is research. I search online for information everyday. I don't use Google or Bing to do my searching. I always use Another blogger mentioned how much she was earning on so I decided to give it a try. I signed up under my friends referral code and started searching. You earn SwagBucks for searching, completing offers, participating in polls, taking surveys, completing tasks, entering SwagCodes and for referring new members. I use SwagBucks for my default search engine and earn Bucks just for doing searching I would do anyway.

Here's what I like about SwagBucks:

It's easy.
It's fun. Check out the blog and watch fun videos if you want.
You can donate SwagBucks to a different charity each month.
I was able to donate money to the Red Cross for Japan this March.
I like to play SwagBuck Trivia on Facebook. It's a challenge.
I recently redeemed for 2 x $20 USD Paypal Gift Certificates, just doing stuff I'd be doing online anyway. Not a bad deal.

This is my SwagBucks Banner. If you join, add me as a friend!

Search & Win

Friday, August 19, 2011

Even Nerds Don't Know Everything Nerdy

Wild Sweet Peas

A funny misconception about nerds is that they know everything about computers. This is usually not the case. Most nerds have areas of specialty in which they are well versed. And when I say "well versed", I mean that they could tell you way more than you ever wanted to know about their g

When it comes to things outside their area of expertise, they can be kind of useless. My husband, for example, knows next to nothing about blogging. If someone asks him a question about blogging, he'll tell them to ask me because I am the household expert on blogs. It's not because he couldn't figure blogging out, it's just not his area of expertise and he's not comfortable with doing it, so he's not going to give advice.

Now, I'm a blogger. Blogging has taught me a little (very little) bit of HTML coding and formatting. I've learned everything as I go along and I like it that way. If I need to know how to do something, I'll look it up or ask my nerd to point me in the right direction.

Another thing that I am good at is earning online. I am not an expert money maker, but I do have a few sources of income that provide me with some nice perks. The next few posts are going to cover some different ways to earn online. I'll be honest with you too. I'll let you know what has worked and what hasn't worked. I'll also let you know when I'm using a referral link. If you have questions, ask me!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Real Truth About Nerds

I Love Nerds Hello Kitty Lunch Box

I'm not so sure I should write this post. After all, I kind of like the fact that people get sidetracked by my husband's nerdiness and don't notice things like the fact that he's got gorgeous blue eyes. They see a nerd and they think of a stereotypical, socially inept guy who doesn't shower regularly. Nerds aren't really like that.

Most nerds have a great sense of humour. Really! Why else would they embrace the title of nerd? They are also brilliant. They think faster than they can talk, so sometimes you might feel like you're being dropped into a middle of a conversation. You usually are, because they've been thinking the problem through in their head and just want to bounce an idea off you.

Nerds are passionate. Trust me on this one. Ever ask a Mac nerd his opinion of Windows? Try it, but be prepared to sit and listen to a lengthy (one-sided) discussion on why Mac is better than a PC. If you really want some fun, ask a nerd about Bill Gates. They'll either love him or hate him, and you will definitely know why.

Nerds think outside the box. You have to be creative to be a nerd. They look for different ways to do things. I follow Wil Wheaton on Twitter. One day, he tweeted about how he was now running Windows programs on his Mac. I knew what his reason for doing something like that would be because it's the same reason my nerd does thing. "Because I can." Seriously. They will go out of their way to try something just to see if it really can be done on their machine and if it can't be, they will find a way to do it anyway.

Perhaps it takes a special kind of person to love a nerd, but that's OK. I'm happy to be that kind of person because I love my nerd. He's not perfect, but he is perfect for me.