Saturday, October 22, 2011

Telecommuting: As Close as I Get to Nerding Out

Last year, a co-worker asked me why I didn't take advantage of our company's work at home program.  I told them that I wasn't interested.  I needed to be around people and I just couldn't see myself working at home.  Today was my very first day of telecommuting and I loved it!

I guess it really is funny how much difference a year makes.  With my husband being self employed and only one car, I started to think seriously about working at home this summer.  I applied for the position in July, and my first day was today, October 21, so that tells you a lot about how things went, especially since I was the first person in my group to be set up.

I work for a very progressive company, and one of the big initiatives they've had is giving their employees the opportunity to work from home.  It's great for work-life balance.  I was able to take the girls to school this morning and then be there to pick them up as well.  I came home, put my jammies back on (what is the point of working from home if you can't wear your jammies?) and relaxed for a bit before going downstairs to get my computer started.  I had planned on getting some housework done, but that plan was made to be broken.  I had a few technical glitches, but ultimately, I was able to do my job pretty much the same as I do at the office.

It was so great not to have to rush home and rush out to the office this morning.  I didn't have to find something "decent" to wear, pack a lunch, or dig through my purse to find my ID badge.  No fighting traffic, no filling up with gas.  No juggling the car with my husband.  Yeah, I'd say there are lots of plusses for working from home.

Was I lonely?  Not really.  I spent the entire summer working pretty much by myself at the office because no one else was sitting in my area.  If I need help, or want to chat, we have an instant messaging program that we use, or e-mail, so it wasn't too lonely at all.  Besides I was too busy working to notice!

The tecnical aspect was a little daunting because even though it's the same set up I have at the office, there are some differences.  I had to talk to tech support a couple of times, and do some troubleshooting of my own, but it wasn't too bad.

I'm pretty sure my nerd was impressed with my new home office.  He definitely likes not having to drive me to work so he can have the car, and it's nice to know he doesn't have to rush home to get the kids in the afternoon, so he can spend more time with his clients.

After one day of telecommuting, I'm loving it.  I'm so glad I got to be at home before it started snowing!

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