Friday, October 7, 2011

My New Toy: Android Tablet

OK, so the other day, we covered how my poor hard-working Dell gave up the ghost.  A writer without a computer, is not a happy camper, especially when she mostly writes Web content.  What's a girl to do?  Actually, nothing.  That's right.  Nothing.  My nerd took care it for me.  I wasn't planning on getting a new computer right away.  I thought I'd wait and use the nerd's laptop when he wasn't using it.  Yeah, that idea didn't go over so well.  I could also have used the desktop computer in the basement, but it's a pain to use and he's got it all tricked out and set up in special ways, so I usually avoid it at all costs.

Here is what he got me:

ASUS Eee Pad It is an ASUS Eee Pad. I've got mixed feelings about it. It's a great gadget, and has a lot of very cool features, but it's very different from my Dell. I know it's a new machine and it's not supposed to be the same, but I'm finding that it has a long learning curve. The keyboard is small, but I love that it is detachable, so that it can be used as a tablet and a computer. I have to be careful when I try to hit the backspace key, because I've been getting the lock key instead, the one that turns the computer screen blank and requires you to log back in.  It gets just a tad frustrating.

I also like that I can use it as a tablet.  It's pretty neat to be able to detach the keyboard and use the tablet part for Kindle reading or playing a game.  I also go from typing on the keyboard to using the touch screen.

What I haven't done yet is word processing.  Considering this is the whole reason I have the Eee Pad, this is not a good thing.  I'm finding it difficult to figure out things like copy and paste and other basic stuff like that.  What I really need is a beginner's course or something like that.  So I'm asking my nerdy readers:  do you use an Android?  How did you learn how to use it?  Are there any Web sites or how-to guides you can recommend?  Let me know because I need help!

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