Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Laptop Death: Mourning of a Different Kind

Yes, it's tue.  My trusty Dell laptop died last week.  Kicked the bucket.  Went to the giant motherboard in the sky.  I can admit that I'm being just a tad dramatic, but losing my laptop is a huge thing for me, especially since I'm a writer and I need my computer to function.

Not my laptop, but you get the idea.
It's taken time to get my laptop tweaked exactly how I wanted it.  I knew that computer inside and out.  If something wasn't working right, I'd usually troubleshoot on my own before bringing in my nerd for help.  Lots of times, I was able to fix it myself.  That's because when you've had your laptop for awhile, you know it's rhythms.  You know what problems are likely to occur.  If they've happened often enough, you know how to fix the problem.

I had my Word program set up to do spell check in Canadian Engish for my writing and Amerian English for clients' writing.  I had my desktop pictures set up as pictures of cute dogs so that I could look at them every day and remind my nerd that we need to get a dog (still working on him).  My laptop was worn and comfortable, kind of like that old pair of jeans that is worn in all the right places and fits perfectly.   The "N" was even worn off the key--though I'm not sure why.  I thought the most used letter in the alphabet was "E".  Maybe I use a lot of words with the letter N in them?

I used my nerd's computer a few times, but it was so frustrating to use.  Despite the fact that both laptops are Dells, keys were in different places and I found myself having to use the backspace key a lot.  Plus, I didn't have my LastPass profile on his computer, so I had to log him out of LastPass and hope that I remembered my passwords.

Losing a laptop is something that happens from time to time.  This laptop lasted longer than I might have expected it to (its predecessor met its end when my youngest spilled a glass of water on it).  For a refurbished computer, it sure had a lot of life to it even if the battery no longer held a charge and they no longer make parts for it.  It lived a noble life, and kept at it until it ha nothing left to give.  I'll miss my laptop but the good news is that this means that I'll be getting a new toy!

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