Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Experimental Television: Untitled Jersey City Project

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When I first received the opportunity to write about Untitled Jersey City Project, I was intrigued.  What on earth was a work-in-progress television drama and how would it work?  How can you experiment with television? Well, I watched the Sneak Peek video, and I was hooked.  I watched all 8 episodes and visited the Web site for more information.
Untitled Jersey City Project is a fast paced drama centered in a "new" Jersey City that hopes to rival Manhattan in the near future.  Sleek office towers are being built across the river from New York City in a rundown section of Jersey City.  New foundations are being poured, but Jersey City's game is unchanged. as each of the characters is bound to discover.  It's got everything a good story needs, a good guy architect, his business partner with questionable ethics who may have committed suicide or been murdered, a sexy reporter trying to uncover the truth, a business mogul client with possible mob ties, his driver who acts as a hired gun but is actually working for the feds, a mysterious couple who are funding the project--are they brother and sister or husband and wife?-- and a union boss.  Corners are being cut, money is being made and lives are at stake.
There's intrigue, corruption, death and sex.  The time lines jump around a lot, so you're kept on your toes.  You think you know what is happening, but then you realize that you were completely wrong.  I really liked it.  Too much television now follows a predictable pattern.  This show is not like that.  In fact, it's not like anything I've seen before.  Don't believe me?  Check out the Sneak Peek video here:

You can find all 8 short-form videos on YouTube.  Be sure to visit the site to learn more about the backgrounds of each character.
I am looking forward to seeing how Untitled Jersey City Project develops and I will definitely be keeping an eye on the site to see how I can be involved in shaping the future of television.  After you watch the video, let me know what you think!
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