Monday, September 5, 2011

Survey Sites I Recommend

3D Character and Question MarkSomething I didn't mention in my last post about surveys is that when you sign up for a survey site, most sites will ask you to complete some profiles.  Usually they are short surveys that let the company pre-qualify you for surveys.  These save you time because you won't get as many surveys that you don't qualify for.

One site I love is Opinion Outpost.  This site is one where you collect points toward your payouts.  Surveys start at 5 opinion points for 5 minute surveys and go up from there.  Generally, the more time involved, the higher the points offered.  With new reward options, you can cash out from as little as 50 Opinion Points or $5. I find that it does not take me very long to reach a cash out threshold with Opinion Outpost.  I like the survey topics and I have not had any issues with not receiving credits or payments.  In fact, cheques have always come fairly quickly.  Available in US & Canada.

I also like Survey Lion  This one is a Canadian site and pays out in Canadian dollars.  There is no minimum cash out threshold, so any time you complete a survey, you can request a payout.  Each survey is worth a set dollar amount and you always know what it will be before you start.  You don't want to wait when you receive a survey invitation because they go quickly!  I find that I don't receive a lot of survey invitations from Survey Lion, but the ones I do receive are well worth taking.

Next is Canada Talk Now.  As the name implies, it's a Canadian site and payouts are in Canadian dollars.  You earn points for taking surveys, referring friends and when you complete a survey, there is a "slot machine" that gives you a chance to win more points.

And how could I forget NetPanel?  Also a Canadian company.  This one lets you collect Net Points for each survey you attempt. You'll know how many points you will get if you are disqualified and if you are qualified and complete the survey.

There are other good survey sites, but four is a good start.  In the interests of full disclosure, the link for Opinion Outpost is my referral link.  If you would like referrals to the other 3 sites, contact me and provide me with the e-mail address you would like to use and I'll send one to you.

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