Friday, September 23, 2011

Password Managers: Last Pass

Forget Me Nots
If you're anything like me, you wear multiple hats on any given day. Between running errands, going to work and balancing your life, passwords are easy to forget--especially since every single Web site seems to want you to create a password. Every site's requirements are different, whether they want a non-alpha-numeric character, a capital letter or a 25,000 character password for security.

My nerd had started to use Last Pass some time ago and when I once again locked myself out of an account, I decided it was time to find out more about it. Last Pass is a password manager. Their tag line is "The Last password you'll have to remember". That sounded good to me, so sign me up!

First thing I found was that it was easy to get started. I downloaded Last Pass from their Web site and pretty much let it do it's thing. I chose the option to import my saved passwords from my browser. I've been able to use it on all the browsers that are on my computer (Chrome, IE 9 and Firefox). When I start up, I log into Last Pass. Anytime I go to a Web site that requires a password, if it's not already auto-filled, I just click on the Last Pass icon and choose which user name to use and it auto-fills. When you go to a new site and create a password or enter a password that Last Pass does not have saved, you will receive the options to save password, not now, or never for this site. I don't use Last Pass for things like my PayPal account or my online banking. Pretty much anything else is game.

I find it very helpful to use Last Pass. I spend a lot less time trying to remember which password I created for which site and waiting for password reminder e-mails to be sent to me. Now I just log in once and I'm good for the day.

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